Cloud 9 is an audiophile sound system and Barcelona’s first audiophile dance party put on by a collective of like-minded friends.



Synchronicity had it that we met in London whilst dancing at the same party (Lucky Cloud) in September 2018. That night we discovered that our life paths were deeply intertwined having been similarly enlightened by the values and ethos of the audiophile and community-focused party scenes in New York and London, where we had previously lived. We also discovered that we were settled in Barcelona and had a shared vision for our city.

A few months and an epic road trip across Europe later, we had gathered the different components of the sound system as well as a group of friends in preparation for our first party. The date was 7 March 2020. It turned out to be an incredibly energy-charged night that felt magical, warm, and organic in every possible way. One week later, the World shut down to covid and we all entered a dark period of global grief and isolation from our communities, but we were all reminded about the vital role and healing power of music, dance, and other forms of art to help us connect with each other, overcome trouble, and improve our mental and physical health. The pandemic reinforced our shared vision as these values of creating community around sound, music, and dance lay our foundations and are at the heart of what we believe in.

These values we draw on root back to 1970’s New York and to David Mancuso’s Loft party. His setup/vision, reminiscent of a house party (inclusive, diverse, and multi-generational dancefloor) with an audiophile sound system (high-end analog equipment) to gather friends, relax, share a meal, and dance to pre-recorded music transcended as the origin of dance music culture and served as a catalyst for social transformation. Through our own involvement with the Lucky Cloud Sound System and other Loft indebted parties who have mentored us, we are part of a growing family of musical hosts and dancers who share the same core values.

These are some of us Lucky Cloud, Beauty and The Beat, All Our Friends, Last Note, Classic Album Sundays.

Our name, Cloud 9, nods to our mentors and to the title of a number of uplifting, jazzy, and soulful dance songs which represent a variety of the music that we love sharing. In slang English, to be on cloud nine means to feel blessed, happy, and existing in a safe place. We see Barcelona as our home, and the perfect cultural, cosmopolitan, and socially committed city to see a new generation of audiophiles connect and bring fresh, people-centered values to a highly commercialised and sonically neglected local dance music scene.

We hope to see you very soon on our dancefloor!

Ricky, Cherrie, and Alejandro.